Company Song

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Vice Versa invites you and your company to one of the most entertaining events this year. We offer you the chance to produce your very own song – either from scratch or using an already known melody.

The possibilities are many!

You can use it for teambuilding or as an opening for the annual party. You can choose to do all the preparations before your event – from lyric writing to the recording of the song. On the evening of your event you will hear the result of your efforts – maybe accompanied with your own music video.

Alternatively, you can reserve a whole day and get to know each other even better. In order to loosen up, you start out with a couple of teambuilding exercises with an actor. Afterwards our experienced singing teacher takes over. It will be a day full of laughter and of course singing. Before the day is over the song is recorded and later that evening – maybe during dinner – you will find yourself listening to the final version of the song and even sing along.

When it comes to the recording of your song, we offer you the unique opportunity to become a part of Danish music history. We invite you to record your song in the Medley Studios in Copenhagen. And who knows, maybe Tim Christensen is recording something new next-door. Another option is to use our mobile recording studio and record the song at your office or in a conference room.

‘The Company Song’ is a great opportunity for teambuilding exercises or as a nice break from the daily routine. Number of participants and location can be adapted to your wishes.

From approx. 20 persons