Igloo in the Alps

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

With this event Vice Versa gives you the opportunity of finding the Eskimo within yourself in the marvellous and snow-covered Swiss’ Alps. The event can vary from teambuilding related activities where you will build your own igloo and to the more luxurious and yet “authentic” version where you will spend the night at a hotel consisting of igloos.

The hotel is found in a height of 1800 metres and has modern conveniences such as Spa. It is also a possibility to combine the stay with a unique experience as dog sledge handler.

After a thorough instruction on how to manage the dogs, you are ready to set out for the snow-covered landscape. If you are interested in skiing and after-skiing this is also possible. The evening could for instance end with a Swiss’ cheese fondue.

If you want to combine the event with a more professional substance, we are able to offer you a conference room with space for 140 persons. If the concept is used as a reward it is also possible to order a romantic igloo with soft bearskin, double sleeping-backs and champagne.

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