Eastern Energy

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Experience the mystique of the East and get an energy boost, which both employees and clients will enjoy.

Vice Versa offer you this event as an alternative break in con- nection with a seminar or as a teambuilding day, where every- one will get their body and soul strengthened.

Depending on the duration, we offer you the possibility to be- come acquainted with 3 different disciplines. Despite the differences of the disciplines, they are actually built on nearly comparative principles, and this assures continuity during the whole activity. The differences of the disciplines make the event well suited for larger groups. It is something for everyone!

It is also possible to extend the event for those who hunger for a more competitive challenge based on skills.

You will start with an introduction to the different exercises. Then it is time for you to develop your skills in the different disciplines and end up with a competition.

Yamaue Aiki Jutsu is an old Japanese art of war based on the principle of Ki coordination between attack and defend. The purpose is to throw, control, hit or cause pain without damaging the human body.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an old Chinese art of war. The basic training of T’ai Chi is based on a set of 81 movements that are carried out very slowly that at the end oat together in one long movement.

Kendo practice has a long tradition in Japanese culture. Originally, Kendo is a method where you use a Japanese sword – the “Katana “.

No matter how you put together the program of the day, the teaching will leave you with a feeling of inner peace and re- newed energy.