Murder in the Casino

af | okt 2, 2017 | 0 Kommentarer

Because of the new opening of the exclusive CASINO, Don Alphonso invites you and your company to a delicious dinner with a following party.

Early in the evening the arrangement takes an unexpected turn when Don Alphonso suddenly is killed. What seemed as a delightful dinner party has now changed into an exiting murder riddle.

With this murder mystery Vice Versa invites you to the universe gambling and investigation. You will be divided into teams where teamwork, thoroughness and ingenuity are of highest importance. Based on interrogation of possible suspects, it is now your task to solve the murder riddle and find out who the killer is.

To solve the murder mystery it is not only necessary to keep ones eyes and ears open. Gambling and money are also of great importance. The team with largest number of counters or most money is allowed to come up with the first bid on the name of the killer.

The team that has solved the murder mystery will be rewarded with a prize in the end of the evening.

To fulfill the perfect illusion, different devices such as wicks, boas, cigars, cigarette holders, gangster hats etc. will be present. This way, you will become an active part of the true gangster environment. Furthermore cigarette girls, Big Band and dance show will also be at your disposal if you wish.

To make it crème-de-la crème you will get the opportunity to get a make-over, where stylist will transform you into a true gambler.

Let the games begin!