Cocktail course

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Learn to mix cocktails and create the most original drinking card!

What makes a Dry Martine dry and what’s the difference between a strainer and a shaker?

Learn the secrets and flavors behind various cocktails, when Vice Versa gives you the possibility to test your cocktail skills. The arrangement starts with an introduction to the bartenders, who will introduce the skills required for blending flavors and balancing ingredients. Here the essential knowledge of ingredients, flavors, styles of liqueurs and mixers will be presented.

You will be divided into teams and each individual team is required to create a welcoming drink, which will be served later on the evening. The event features a cocktail competition where each team competes against each other, making the best, most original and most exotic cocktail. As an alternative the participants can also compete against each other one by one.

As in any other competition there will be a prize-giving, where parameter for the competition will be: best taste, most exotic and most original cocktail The group dynamic together with the ability to cooperate may be taken into consideration in the judgment, and the selection of the best cocktail team can be integrated as an event during the dinner.

Furthermore, as an extra feature you can tip and have a win on the pools! The ones who have paid attention can win extra prices by answering questions concerning the various cocktails which have been on the menu that very evening. As an alternative the questions can concern the company’s identity and involve other corporate ideas.

From 10 persons