Macho Day

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

Work gloves – check! Golf clubs – check! Helmet – check! It is time to get ready for the ultimate macho event!

Vice Versa is going to take your colleagues or clients out on a macho day you will never forget. It is up to you whether you want to make a competition out of it or just go wild, have fun and destruct.

Your day could be something like this: Visit a car breaker and bring your favorite golf club. Aim at a car, shoot and destroy. Golf practice has never been more fun! Now you are here anyway, why not try to trash a car the fastest you can? Your tools could be a sledge hammer or a pneumatic hammer.

Alternatively you could find out which person is the best gravedigger when we give you an excavator to compete in!

Now it is time to go to the racetrack and check out who is the fastest driver. It is a combination of fun and total humiliation! At the end the day you could try shooting clay pigeons or maybe make it as a lumberjack where you have to participate in woodcutting. If this is not odd enough for you, we will figure out something even weirder macho stuff. Enjoy!

With the bad-boy day Vice Versa ensures that the adrenaline will kick in!