Beer Brewing

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

At this event, participants can brew their own beer. The event offers an introduction to the vast universe of beer, with an introduction that includes tastings of various types of beer, including pilsner, ale, top-fermented, bottom-fermented, etc.

The participants are divided into groups and decide what type of beer they will brew. They then begin working with a brew master. During the process, there are many opportunities for the participants to strengthen their social and business networks. The practical and theoretical insight will make it possible for participants to continue brewing beer at home for very little money.

After the event we will take care of storing and tapping the beer. After the storage period is over, the participants will receive a greeting from the Bank with six or twelve bottles of the beer they have helped to brew. ”Brewing kits” can also be ordered as gifts to participants.

The event can be expanded with a cooking or other gourmet angle, focusing on the interplay between food and beer. Brewing beer can be the basis for several different types of events. We have had good experiences using it for customer and employee events, as well as for incentives.

From 10 people and up.