Sushi and more

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

Vice Versa would like to introduce you to a culinary experience based on the eastern philosophy about thoroughness, discipline and the use of natural seasonal ingredients with good nourishment and excellent taste.

It is your assignment – together with our experienced sushi chef – to create a delicious menu of minimalistic delicacies from the Japanese kitchen. You can choose to make small maki rolls, nigiris or even Japanese pizzas combined with green tea and different Japanese beer.

Every single element of your menu will – when put together – create a marvelous experience for your eyes and sense of taste. The whole concept is built on your wishes and requirements and it will be more than just fish and seaweed.

This concept can easily be combined with other concepts, such as Eastern Energy, Vine or Beer Tasting. Furthermore, you have the possibility of competing against each other in small teams where the goal is to create the most sophisticated, decorative or diverse menu.

All in all, this concept offers you a great variety when our sushi chef shares his favorite dishes and tricks with you.

From 10 persons