Work Happiness

There are many reasons for having a job that you appreciate. When you don’t like your job, you will be more likely to experience stress and work related conflicts.

You might be less effective and even get sick more often than normally.

Lack of happiness at work can be caused by several things – e.g. a financial crisis, time pressure, lack of compliments or cancellation of projects that you have been working on for several years.

So, why not focus on your “happiness at work” and get a well-deserved energy boost? We have the pleasure of providing you with new exciting know-how on the subject – giving you new inspiration and relevant tools so that you can generate more energy during you workday.

Our inspiring and energetic lecture is based on the latest research and knowledge and will help you create happiness and motivation for both yourself and your colleagues. How can one single employee create more happiness, and how can you and your colleagues help each other? It doesn’t take more than a few steps and a bit of inspiration from our experts.

And why not combine the lecture with a game of “happiness-at-work poker” with 52 custom-made cards. Our poker game is an easy, dynamic and fun way of introducing different personality types. The game will create an interesting discussion on the differences between you and your colleagues in relation to happiness at work.

During this event you will experience a lively, energetic and active lecture with exercises that will help you find new sides of yourself and especially your colleagues. It is a great opportunity to get a well-deserved energy boost based on effective and well-documented tools. And why not complete the day with a cozy dinner with your colleagues?

Happiness is contagious – so help spread it!