Rescue Team

Test your skills with fire fighting and rescue exercises in authentic surroundings. Who can extinguish a fire in a car, a helicopter or a house? The participants will not only have a great experience, they will learn something!

At the beginning of the day, coffee will be served and a professional instructor will brief the participants about the equipment. The instructor will also tell the participants about the various solutions to the challenges that they will meet. The participants will be provided with outfits – including boots, helmets, gloves, etc.

Then it is time to compete in teams in order to solve various tasks, which will include planning/strategy, practice and evaluation by the instructor. During the fire drills, the participants will extinguish a fire in a building, a car, a helicopter or a ship with water, foam or powder. During the smoke-diving exercises, the participants search through and move around in smoke-filled surroundings, wearing either oxygen masks or gas masks.

The rescue exercises allow the participants to rescue an injured person from a building, using ladders, ropes, tackles, etc. It requires team spirit and close co-operation to get the most out of the exercises.

The concept may form the basis for other types of events. We have successfully used the concept as a platform for team-building, as a reward, customer/employee events and as an incentive.

For 8 participants and up