Experience when gravity for a moment is out the context, feel the rush and see yourself and your colleagues fly! Here is the opportunity for an experience you will never forget.

The phenomenon of bodyflight is widespread throughout the whole world, and has now finally landed in Denmark. It is action, excitement, intensity, fun and plenty of big laughs. It all takes place in a large vertical wind-tunnel that takes you on a giant air flow produced by large turbines which is built into the floor, and which is keeping you floating in the flight chamber.

The experience can be compared to a free-fall parachute from the sports world, and the facilities are also used for training and perfection of formations and techniques. Bodyflight is easy and secure.

Everybody can get up and fly as long as their “weightclass’’ is less than 120 kilograms. Security is obviously at top notch, and there will be experienced and professional instructors present at all time, which ensures your safety.

We will provide all the necessary equipment and a proper instruction. It is also possible to immortalize your performance on video. The activity can be combined with at dinner afterwards, or in connection with an activity day.

10-50 pax.