Buzz Quiz

Now it is time to find the person / team that has the best active knowledge in this great entertaining quiz show where you have the possibility to integrate dinner during the show.

In Buzz it is not only a question of answering quickly. The motor function is also important in the battle of activating your buzzer before your colleagues.

Vice Versa has the pleasure in inviting you and your colleagues to a combat in active knowledge within categories such as music, movies or sport events. The combat could for instance take place in a studio where you will experience the heavy sweat on your forehead due to the spotlights that shine on you in front of the enthusiastic audience.

If you are a big group that would like to participate and compete against each other, you will have a lot of fun being audience for each other and laugh or admire each others effort on the way to the great final.

Like in any other TV quiz show, our slightly self-centred quiz master will welcome you to this battle in teamwork and honour. You will be divided into teams with your own desk and Buzz button.

Now you are ready and the quiz will begin with, perhaps, the music category with 3000 questions and more than 1500 different music clips spread over six decades. It is possible to make the quiz even more intense and realistic by the use of a live band that will entertain. During the game you will get the opportunity to sabotage your opponent’s plan by passing on a series of questions.

Strategy, good grasp in the situation and nerves of steel are essential skills in this game. If you miss, then the bomb will blow and you will lose points.

If you are into a good quiz, party and entertainment, then Buzz might be a concept for you!

From 8 persons