Olympic Games

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

The starting signal for your own Olympic Games has sounded and everyone gets to participate!

Vice Versa gives you the opportunity to get your pulse started and your competitive gene tested. It is up to you how the day is going to be and whether the departments of your company compete against or together with each other.

If you want to use the event in connection with a family day with your children, you will have the opportunity of competing against your colleagues’ families.

The day will start with a welcoming and afterwards you will get the opportunity to shake hands with a couple of well-known sport stars, who also will instruct you in the different disciplines. In small groups the Olympic Games is about to begin.

We promise you an active day where everybody will experience the feeling of victory, and see family members and colleagues perform on the slack rope! It will also be a day where you will get the opportunity to try different types of sports – historic, present, known and unknown. Professional guidance will be present in all disciplines.

Food and drink will be available during the whole day, making sure you that all have the energy to manage the competitions. The day could for instance end with a big grill party. If you only wish for the event to take place during the daytime, it is also possible to grill for lunch and afterwards select and reward the winners in the different disciplines.

The Olympic Games is a very flexible concept and can take place in all kinds of contexts – e.g. number of participants, location and time. The concept could perhaps be combined with fitness measuring, preparation of training programs etc., which will take place in co-operation with professional consultants.

Join forces together with families and colleagues for a healthy and active day in the name of the Olympic Games!