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Dream Car

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

Many men will consider this to be the price above all prices. Boost your sales with an internal competition or give your clients a rare experience.

The boyish dream can become a reality when the winner gets to choose the car of his dreams. Economy and practical considerations are ignored and only the fantasy will set the limits.

No matter what, we are able to fulfill what is only wishful thinking in the daily round. From the luxurious limousine, the powerful sports car or the cross-country four wheeled driven car. Everything is possible! If the brand has to be a Porsche, Rover, BMW or Ferrari, we will get it. It is up to the winner how the day is going turn out, and we will gladly help you to make special wishes become a reality.

Behind the wheel in the dream car the roads are conquered without limitations. You could be Schumacher or you could spoil your girlfriend with a romantic trip out in the blue? According to the chosen car and individual wishes, that you might have, it is also possible to arrange special course driving, or perhaps you wish to drive in a particular landscape. You may wish to turn this event into an educational day by adding professional guidance that will optimize the participants’ driving skills.

The choice of car and duration may be adjusted according to the type of event and economy. The dream car concept is an obviously reward for different types of competitions – both internal and external – but can also be used in different situations. Maybe your employees need some amusement or your clients need a unique experience.