Photo Safari

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

The photo safari is a very flexible concept that can be integrated in a variety of events and carried out anywhere.

The event can take place on foot, or using bicycles or cars. The tasks can be tailored so people of all ages and physical strengths can take part. Each group of participants will receive an identical photo manual with a situation that demands various skills to recreate. In order to recreate the pictures the participants need guts, creativity, strength, ingenuity, inventiveness, patience, perspective, co-ordination and co-operation.

The pictures can illustrate situations where the group must use all of its members as players, or situations that put one person or the group to a physical or mental test. They can also include pictures which are hard to shoot because of water, heights, animals, cranes, etc.

Each group receives a digital camera to attack the problem with. At various stations the participants receive instructions as well as objects necessary to solve the problem. Taking the photos becomes both a creative challenge and a timed test.

The manual also includes a map of the area that marks the stations and a schedule for when each group should reach each station.

The photo safari can be a platform for many types of arrangement, depending on how it is set up. Photo safari is an excellent activity for teambuilding and company “core values” days.

For 20 people and up.