Extreme Company Makeover

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Is your company moving to a new location, or is your department just moving to another building?

Moving can cause a lot of uneasiness within your organization. First of all, you probably have to clean up and second, a lot of questions might appear. Is it going to take me a lot of time to get to work, will my new office be ok, what about new colleagues, etc.

Why not use the occasion and turn your ‘change of location’ into something positive and entertaining where you get the chance to clean up in a fun and different way.

Furthermore, you have a great opportunity in turning it into a team process where new ideas and visions can be introduced. This activity begins with an assignment where everyone has to collect all the ‘garbage’ and old stuff that they have collected and forgotten to throw out during the years. You will be surprised how much you actually don’t use anymore.

Throughout the day you will be guided by your personal host – maybe the hostess from the original concept from TV2 (“Fra Skrot til Slot”) From the beginning you will be divided into smaller teams that all compete against each other. Every team’s garbage will be collected and weighed, and based on the weight of the garbage the team receives point. There is, of course, going to be a score board in order to motivate everyone.

When the competition is over the points can be changed into different goodies – e.g. breakfast for a week, massage after a hard day’s work, ‘valet parking’ or the car or the bicycle for a whole month, etc.

Should you wish to extend the whole moving process, you could give all teams an extra assignment where they have to produce a small video that illustrates each team’s visions and expectations for the future and the new location. All the videos will be shown during the dinner at your new location.