Have you got talent?

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

It’s time to create your very own talent show where only your personal “dare devil” and creativity set the limit!

You decide which category you want to perform in. There will of course be a category for everyone – e.g. standard dance, acrobatics, hip-hop, tai chi, or perhaps an imitation of the Danish pop group “Nik & Jay” but with your own lyrics. Or you could rock the show as a musician using the Nintendo Wii console game Rock Band.

Before the day of your talent show, we will select the categories together. On the day of the show you will be welcomed at a theatre, a film studio, or an alternative location. Here you will be briefed on the event. Then it’s time to find your specific training group, where the intensive training will begin together with professional instructors. Training isn’t everything. That’s why you will get breaks from the training where you can relax while working on your very own style and theme. If you need help or inspiration, our stylists / makeup artists are waiting behind the scene to help you.

After a tough but very entertaining day, it is time to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner. During the evening you will get to see each other perform. A host will take you through the evening, and at the end it is your votes that will determine who wins.

Depending on the number and selection of categories the voting can be carried out in several ways. You could, for example, vote on individuals, couples or groups in each category. Afterwards the winner from each category has to compete against winners from the other categories.

When the “Grand Champ” has been found – and honoured – it is time to relax or maybe use the last energy on the dance floor.