Ice Hockey and Curling

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Welcome to this event on the shining ice. Precision, balance and teamwork are essential when you and your colleagues compete for the honour and not to mention the golden hockey stick or broom.

The concept is often used for teambuilding, but Vice Versa gives you a unique opportunity to combine seminars and kick-off days with a combat on the ice. You will be divided into teams and depending on which of two disciplines you chose, you will compete against each other on time, precision and points.

The event will start out with instruction and guidance from our professional instructors. You will, among other things, go through different technical tricks and rules. After the instruction it is time to get dressed and get on the ice.

Ice hockey:
Depending on the number of players you will be divided into X number of teams that will compete two and two against each other. The winner will continue to either the quarter- or semifinal and at the end we have the big combat during the final. It is possible to select different kinds of winners: best team, best goalkeeper, best goal, etc.

For this activity there are many opportunities for competition. You can compete against each other in small teams of 4 according to the current rules of curling or you can choose to combat on precision and points. Again, it is possible to select different kinds of winners: Best team, best curler, etc.