Jet Plane

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The magnificence of aviation is explored to the absolute limit, when you, together with experienced jet-pilots and fellow participants, experience loops, rotations, divert flying, formations etc. in up to 5 airplanes at the same time.

The dream of becoming a jet pilot that you had, when you were a kid, is within reach. It is just waiting for you to come true. During the flight you communicate with your fellow participants, who closely fly by. Maybe you talked about different formations before takeoff that will come to life in the air together with your pilots. They are all experienced with thousands of flights behind the tiller in jet planes such as Alpha Jet, Jaguar, F1 Mirage and Mirage 2000.

A pilot certificate is not required, as you are two in each plane and the pilot is the one in control.

The day will begin at the hangar at the airport with welcome and introduction of the pilots. Afterwards the pilots will give your instructions related to the plane and the safety precautions. The plane is an L-39C Albatross and it is used for military practice all over the world. Further to this, it is possible to reach a speed of 600-700 km and accelerations up to eight times the gravity of the Earth.

After the instruction, pilot suits and helmets are handed over to you, and you will be driven to the runway, ready to takeoff from Longvic airport in Dijon. The airport is dated back to 1914 and has since World War I functioned as military base. Because of this, Armée de L’Air (French airforce) is still represented and is, together with the commercial companies, in control of topmodern facilities and flight practice facilities.

The flight takes place in the airspace above Bourgogne’s beautiful landscape with old wine castles and fields. A puppet landscape in sharp contrast with the advanced jet plane you would be in.

When your balance skills have been challenged enough and you have firm ground under your feet again, it is time for a well-deserved lunch and during the lunch it is possible to discuss the experience with the pilots. Everybody will receive a certificate together with a photo taken in the jet plane. It is also possible to get the pilot suit as a souvenir for this unique experience.