Kite Surfing

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Experience the new trend within the world of extreme sports – of course under safe conditions and with the possibility of graduating the “extreme”.

Kite surfing is a combination of hang gliding and surfing and takes the best elements of both worlds and combines them to one great experience.

Kite surfing is not only for those who like to water like a duck. It can also be carried out ashore, where the power from the kites is used to pull little buggies with 3 wheels over the sand or a lawn. With our specially designed 1 day-courses everybody can participate – even you, who never has been near a surf board or tried hang gliding.

The day will start out with a thorough introduction of the equipment, kite surfing in general and the techniques which you will become acquainted with during the day. Beside this you will get a handful of good safety tips that will make sure that you will get a safe, funny and exiting day. The kites are available in many different types and sizes, and together with the instructor you will find out exactly which kite that will suit you the best.

After the instruction you are ready to test your skills on land with your power kite. You will learn to manage it and try to glide down the beach dressed with harness. When you have become familiar with the kite you are ready to continue the practice in the water or in a buggy if you prefer firm ground under your feet. You are now ready to get the maximum out of the training, and fully equipped you set out for a kite surfing experience of a lifetime.

The event can be held everywhere and be used as a reward or as an event for your clients. In addition to that, we have good experiences using this concept as teambuilding.

From about 5 persons