Art and Gourmet

by | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 comments

With this event you have the possibility of mixing gourmet food with an extraordinary gallery experience – all in one evening. There will be art for the gourmet enthusiasts and gourmet for the art enthusiasts, when you on this “tour de musée” take a stroll through Copenhagen.

You will visit 3 galleries that are exclusively selected in advance. They all represent some of the most interesting and innovative art. An evening could be arranged like this: Start out with a visit at the small gallery and hear the artist tell about his/her works, while you enjoy a delicious appetizer. Afterwards, you move on to another gallery/museum in Copenhagen where you enjoy a splendid main course and gain a more detailed insight into the world of art and maybe receive some knowledge on why one painting, according to some, is a masterpiece and junk in others opinion.

Finish the day with a delicious dessert at an exclusive place where the artistic feature is an auditory experience. Lean back and travel into the universe of music with a gran crú in your glass. It is an evening where all your senses will be spoiled.

The concept is specially designed as an exclusive evening where clients, suppliers and employees are in focus. The places you will visit are all located in one of Copenhagen’s art districts within few minutes walk.

The event is flexible and can be combined with portrait drawing of the participants. It is also possible for the participants to test their own skills.

Furthermore, it is possible to add a personal gift to the concept – e.g. a painting, a sculpture from the gallery or a CD with the musical intermezzo.

From 10 persons