Melodi Grand Prix

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Is there a better occasion to gather people than Melody Grand Prix? You either love or hate to love this yearly tradition. But one thing is certain; there is room for all genres and generations.

Vice Versa gives you the opportunity of making your own Grand Prix without any specific song skills of the participants. The Grand Prix can be made as a full playback, with song only or with a live band.

You will be divided into groups and there will be tasks for those who prefer not to be on stage, and for those who have a hidden talent of singing. You will get the opportunity to experience all facets of being a Grand Prix star.

During the day you will receive lessons in choreography, dance, stage techniques, etc. You will also become acquainted with stylists, make- up artists and work with your creativity – e.g. costumes and properties, so that you at the end will become a real Grand Prix competitor. There will also be a lot of insisting reporters that would like to know everything.

After a hard but entertaining day at the Grand Prix camp, the red carpet awaits you with endless flashlights and wild fans. Now its time! Everything is in position: instruments, microphones, sound and lights.

A delicious buffet will accompany the show as the different groups compete on the stage.The host of the evening, perhaps the legendary Danish Melody Grand Prix expert Jørgen De Mylius, will be in control and guide the groups through their performance and manage the following score points on a big screen. After the performances, it is time to find and applaud the winners and continue partying.

The Grand Prix concept is very flexible according to the location. We have with great success used real TV studios in order to create the best and most realistic environment for a successful show.