Music Video

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Be a star in your own music video A completely professional set-up with song writers, musicians, sound technicians, stylists, choreographers, camera crew and cutters are available to produce the music video of the year for your company. Experience how it feels to be a part of the pop music world, and learn how to act in front of the spinning cameras.

There are plenty of possibilities to show your talents: the songbird, the dancing queen, the cool, the pretty and the fumbled one. Everybody has a place in the universe of music. The starting point of this event could be a well known melody or perhaps a whole new one that is specially made for the occasion and written by a professional song writer. Are you in need of the right voice, a professional can be hired to sing the lead?

It requires teamwork, emotions, courage and not least all round performances to create a music video. In short, a team performance that connects the persons involved and gives a common experience. When the cast has been made, the group will practice until they are ready for a professional shooting.

The final result – your video – could for instance be showed during dinner and will of course become a part of the company’s luggage in the future. It is something to remember.

The music video concept can be used for many types of events. We have good experiences using it for teambuilding, company valuedays and employee arrangements.

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