Gorm’s Pizza Class

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

The uncrowned pizza king Gorm Wisweh from Bornholm is the front figure of the well-known restaurant chain “Gorm’s”, which among other is known for their delicious pizzas inspired by Italy’s simple and rustic traditions and spiced up with ingredients from the Nordic backyard.

You have probably tried making pizza at home and experimented with different recipes and methods in the hope of making the perfect pizza.

Now, you have the possibility of making an original, crispy and authentic pizza based on recipes from Gorm’s own kitchen – and hopefully get a few tips and tricks that you can bring home so that you can impress family and friends the next time pizza is on the menu.

Depending on the size and composition of the group, we will create a menu that will challenge and inspire all the participants regardless of their background and cooking skills. If you wish to shake things up a bit, we will split you into teams and make you compete against each other. We will even include some stressful and unexpected situations during the session so that you will get to know more about yourself and your colleagues.

Collaborative skills and group dynamics will be included in the selection of the winning team and we will, of course, create a small award winning ceremony during the dinner.

This event could easily be combined with a wine- or beer tasting together with some more information about the specific culinary region of the evening.