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Vice Versa welcomes you to an unforgettable evening with your very own quiz show where you never know what is about to happen and where the rules constantly change.

The quiz show will take place in a TV studio or any location that suits you and this type of event. During the quiz show you will enjoy a nice dinner at round tables. You will be sitting in teams so that each table competes against the other tables. Our entertaining quiz master will guide you through this evening’s entertainment and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Some categories require that a single participant from each team join the quiz master on the stage, while others require that the entire team works together in order to find the right answer or the correct solution to a specific task. However, it is far from certain that a correct answer will be rewarded. The other teams have the possibility of betting their points on whether a specific team’s answer is right or wrong. It is also possible to send “a bomb” to the next table. If the bomb detonates at your table your team will lose points.

Anything can happen during this quiz!

Who knows – maybe you have to find things in the room that are useful in order to win the quiz? Or perhaps it could be an advantage to study the menu and wine list a little closer. The quiz could also contain general questions about your company – e.g. facts and figures, history or something about the employees. Maybe you even have to guess a person based on a distorted image or a funny sound clip.

The points will be handled by the quiz master’s assistant. During the entire show small point balls will be given to – and taken from – the different teams. You can choose to keep the point balls yourself if your team wants to hide the score and confuse the other teams. Alternatively, the quiz master’s assistant will stack the point balls in plastic tubes so that you constantly can see which team is the one with most points.

At the end of the dinner there will be a prize ceremony for the winning team on stage.