Splatter movie

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Friday the 13th and other film “classics” have scared and thrilled people for decades. As something special, Vice Versa gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to be beaten, shot and set on fire – of course completely harmless. These activities will be part of your very own splatter movie.

Throughout the day you will be trained and exposed to all sorts of special effects that you shouldn’t try at home. Why not start your day with a total makeover of your managing director so that he or she looks like a disgusting half rotten zombie that you afterwards get to shoot and set on fire?

All participants will of course be included in the splatter movie, and the whole event will be recorded and edited by professional stunt and “special effect” people, so that you at a later stage can be entertained by your own splatter movie.

During the day you are going to try stage fighting, burns (fire in arms or legs), squibs (blood detonators), and “special effect” makeup, weapons and other wild splatter effects.

Safety is of course our main priority, and we guarantee that all the stunts and special effects will be handled in a perfectly safe way.

After a bloody day you could finish with a gala dinner, maybe followed by a splatter movie party.

Duration: from 3 hours