Stop Motion

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Vice Versa gives you a unique opportunity to become directors in your very own Stop Motion movie.

In the world of Stop Motion animation, professionals talk about two different techniques: Clay Animation where you use plasticine figures – as we know it from Wallace & Gromit, and the more traditional Stop Motion cartoon technique – as we know it from the Cirkeline films.

Before you begin, our experienced filmmakers will, of course, explain the principles behind the recordings. Basically you take one picture, moving the figure slightly and then take another picture. But be careful. The movement needs to be exact if the animation should look natural. Normally you need about 12 photos for just one second of film. The film must be prepared carefully by writing a story, creating a storyboard and deciding the camera angles.

Stop Motion can be used as a teambuilding exercise in small groups or as a competition between the different stop motion groups, where you vote on the best stop motion movie. Alternatively you could make one single movie where all the teams work together. Each team will record one scene each and then put them together to one single movie.

Instead of inventing everything yourselves, it is also be possible to use well-known characters and backgrounds, or you can reinterpret an old story. When you are done shooting all pictures, it is time to record audio and sound effects and edit the movie.

After a long and exciting day with great creative challenges, it is time for your movie premiere with popcorn, soda and sweets. If you like, you can include an award ceremony with prizes and speeches.