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Inner peace and harmony – welcome to Hasseludden Konferens & Yasuragi.

This is the place where you can be lost in thought and where inner peace and harmony are in focus. With this concept you have the opportunity to invite your employees or clients on a Japanese spa stay in the Sweden.

Yasuragi Hasselunden is a unique and peaceful oasis where you are able to find the perfect balance between work and spare time. Do you need a different kind of seminar or conference? Try this exceptional place based on the principles of the 5000 year old Feng Shui tradition. For instance, arrive with nothing else than your toilet bag.

At check in, you will be provided with a kimono, slippers and bathing suit which will be the only clothes that you will find necessary during the stay. Of course, it is also possible to arrange conferences or incentives based on normal principles and only borrow some of the elements from the Eastern traditions.

With 30 conference rooms, in all sizes, it is possible to arrange for big and small meetings, where the participants can enjoy the modern facilities in relaxing surroundings. If the participants are in the need of some personal time after the meeting, we offer Qi gong (gymnastic and acupuncture) or Zen Meditation. Zen Meditation is based on the inner peace through breathing exercises. If you also want to develop your creative skills it is possible to become acquainted with the noble art of Calligraphy and Origami.